Intel i486DX4

Name:  Intel i486DX4
Family:  4 - i486SX and i486DX processor family
Model:  8,9 - i486DX4
Codename:  P24C
Transistors:  1.6 million
Introduced:  march 1994
Frequency:  75-100 MHz (bus speed 25-33 MHz)
Qualities  clock tripled version of i486DX with cache memory
Level 1 cache:  16 KB
Level 2 cache:  to 512 KB on mainboard

See also: i386DX, i386SX, i486DX, i486SX, i486DX2, i486DX4, Pentium, Pentium(2), Pentium MMX, Pentium MMX (mobile), Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium II OverDrive, Pentium II Xeon, Pentium II PE (mobile), Celeron, Celeron A, Celeron A (PPGA), Pentium III, Pentium III Xeon, Pentium III E.

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